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To provide an affordable quality service to inhabitants an visitors in

//Khara Hais municipal jurisdiction and to execute the policies and programmes of the council.



As an authority that delivers municipal services to //Khara Hais municipal
jurisdiction, we attempt, by means of a motivated staff, to develop

//Khara Haismunicipal jurisdiction increasingly as pleasant, safe and affordable

living and workplace for it's residents and a hospitable and

relaxed visiting place for it's visitors.



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The //Khara Hais Municipality recently signed a residential development contract with Gemini Moon trading 64. The contract was signed between //Khara Hais Municipality and Gemini Moon trading 64. It entails the purchase of stand 21052 for the erection of residential property.


The development will assist in building proper housing for the community.  The Upington area will benefit by the rates and taxes that will be paid by the residents. The development will also assist in improving the standard of living of the residents.


(From left to right) Mr DE Ngxanga, Municipal Manager of //Khara Hais, (middle) Me Carol Newman, Director: Corporate Service and Mr Nazier Ahmed Amien (Gemini Moon Trading 64) during  the signing of the contract

Om bekostigbare gehaltediens aan inwoners en besoekers in //Khara Hais
munisipale regsgebied te verskaf en beleid en programme
van die Raad tot uitvoer te bring.

As 'n owerheid wat munisipale dienste in die //Khara Hais munisipale regsgebied lewer, word onderneem om deur middel van 'n gemotiveerde personeelkorps,

//Khara Hais munisipale regsgebied toenemend as 'n aangename en bekostigbare, woon – en werkplek vir sy inwoners en 'n gasvrye en ontspanne kuierplek vir sy besoekers te bemark.

The Mayor of //Khara Hais, Me Limakatso Koloi, recently gave soup and food to people during the 67 minutes for Mandela day.



Former President Nelson Mandela's birthday was on 18 July, and the call was made for people everywhere to celebrate his birthday by acting on the idea that each person has the power to change the world

The Speaker  (right) with councillors and staff from the Phelophepha train


Phelophepha train visits Upington

The Phelophepha health train recently visited Upington. The train provides various health services to the community. The //Khara Hais Municipality is thankful for the service which the train is providing. ‘It is looking after the health of our people’, said the Mayor of //Khara Hais, Me Limakatso Koloi. The ANC led government is concerned about the health of the people that is why it brings health services close to the people by the Phelophepha train.


The //Khara Hais Municipality recently won a Municipal award for improved performance at a SALGA event. The award was given in recognition of a qualified audit opinion    
for the financial years 2012/2013. In the picture is from left to right is the Speaker of the //Khara Hais Municipality, Mr Thomas Basson, the Mayor of //Khara Hais Municipality, Me Limakatso Koloi and the Municipal Manager, Mr Daluxolo Ngxanga
Improved performance award
The //Khara Hais Municipality recently won a certificate of recognition for its 2012/2013 audit outcomes. The event was hosted by COGHSTA.
Audit outcome Award
In the picture with the award is from left to right, the Speaker of //Khara Hais Municipality, Mr Thomas Basson, the Mayor of //Khara Hais Me   
 //Khara Hais Busy with Service Delivery

The Municipal Manager of //Khara Hais municipality, Mr Daluxolo Ngxanga, made a call on 07 March 2014 to all Directorates to commit themselves to a cleaning/repair project which is dubbed Operation Lungisa Konke/Operation Fix All in the various wards of //Khara Hais Municipal jurisdiction. Operation Lungisa Konke started on 10 March 2014 and is still ongoing.


The purpose of the Operation is  for all units directly attached to service delivery to concentrate on one point or Ward.



Municipal Manager

Mr Daluxolo Ngxanga