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The //Khara Hais Municipality in Upington recently  embarked on a four day service delivery programme in Louisvale. Louisvale is a residential area in Upington, Northern Cape. The services that were rendered include the installation of water meters, repairing of storm water drainage, removal of refuge and the repairing of traffic signs.


The other services will include housing issues and the repairing of electrical boxes.

The Municipality also maintained a visible traffic service for Louisvale during the four day service delivery operation. The service delivery operation will be extended to the other residential areas in the //Khara Hais municipal area.

“Mention Upington and the mind conjures up visions of a desolute and sunbaked southern Kalahari desert town where man’s existence is a daily struggle. Fortunately, these are mere illusions: the life-giving water of the Orange River (Gariep) transforms the harsh, arid landscape into the lush green fertile Orange River Valley. This landscape of enthralling contrasts entices tourists to become part of this prospering town – visit after visit”

“Upington- from a land of contrasts come the warm hospitality and friendliness of our people….

Our proficient personnel at the town’s LED, Tourism & Resorts Unit will gladly be of assistance regarding all your information enquiries”

Mayor Limakatso Koloi


Where the Orange/Gariep River’s weaves a golden band through a barren Kalahari landscape lays the town of UPINGTON – a town in the Northern Cape that symbolizes growth and prosperity.

Upington’s position places itself on the route planning of potential visitors. It is centrally located for tourists from Johannesburg to the SANParks, Augrabies Water Fall National Park as well as Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park and to Namibia.

Latest Vacancies:

- Manager: Traffic Department  







The //Khara Hais Municipality is calling on al the residents not to destroy fire hydrants. They all provide protection or adequate means of extinguish a fire. Fire Hydrants provide water for the emergency personnel to fill or refill their fire engines whiles performing fire-fighting duties.


A total of 15 under ground fire hydrants are located in Louisevale. This was determined during an assessment that was done.


Fire hydrants need to be regularly maintained and these functions are done by the brigade personnel.  They clean and mark them. The water distribution personnel are responsible for the implementation and replacement process.


The community must take ownership of these fire hydrants. They should not let people vandalise them. These resources, if kept clear from vandalising and obstructions can become more reliable in emergency situations.


These resources are connected on a different water line than your normal domestic connections. This means that it is always under pressure and if handled incorrectly or closed/ open too fast,  it can cause a water hammer on the line, which means a burst in the water network can occur.

A firefighter is inspecting a fire hydrant in Louisvale. It was vandalised.


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